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The Kefa Journey In Abundance

The Origin Story

In the year 2000 our founder experienced a vision in his mindseye of being handed a microphone by an African man, and helped up on a wooden planked stage that overlooked a sea of people. Soon thereafter he began to write a business plan of how to facilitate the resources of missionaries and the interest of their donors. This effort was his way to utilize his gifts to help missionaries with what they seemed to struggle with. It was a revelation in his heart that brought him great joy to use the name “Kefa” meaning Peter or Rock. Thirteen years later Kefa was incorporated to be a platform for teaching, proclaiming and healing and only months later the first family of Kefa left for Africa to serve as missionaries.

Establishment and Growth

Kefa’s struggle has always been related to communication and seeking support from others to ease that burden. As pioneers, stopping to ask for directions is a bit contradictory to the concept itself. So the teams pushed in for three years in Africa from preaching in a small village in Kenya to having a presence and impact in seven countries in Africa. Kefa joined others and led in the introduction of medical technology and best practices in the specialty of neurosurgery. This allowed their teams to facilitate surgical and spiritual teaching facilities. The team experienced many miracles and were loved and encouraged by multiple African cultures.

Divine Rest

In late 2016 the Kefa family and team was invited to experience a divine reset. They were able to pursue this from a home base in Northern California. For the next five years the team was invited to love people in multiple countries around the world. This extended to Europe, Myanmar, India, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, South America, Central America, and throughout the United States.

A Moment for Reflection

It has truly been amazing to see the reflection of Love in the eyes of the Kefa family throughout the past eight years. While they have seen the invitation and provision continue as they say “Yes,” more importantly the Kefa family is healthy and at peace. Their hearts are filled with compassion for those who have given everything, and feel as if they are just hanging on trying to be good people and make the world a better place. They have been given so much wisdom and insight to give away, and that is what they continue to do daily starting with those at their dinner table.

A Fresh Wave of Abundance

The call of Kefa is to teach in the city alongside culture, proclaim the Kingdom culture of abundant eternal life, and to heal all those who are sick. In the past year they have pushed in deeper in their local garden, tending the daily provision of hearts and lives given to them. This has revealed a deep compassion for those people hungry for a peace and freedom beyond what the world has been able to offer them.

In the past eight years the Kefa team has experienced many beautiful revelations about their identity as mothers, fathers, leaders, reformers, explorers and ultimately lovers of King Jesus.

Kefa has responded by identifying and supporting local innovators and leaders to launch them from the Kefa platform. In the past 18 months we have been partnering to build an organization that invites community and cultivates creativity. Dreamscape of the heart is the first of five key projects that we believe will transform culture and release Love to everyone.

Your Invitation to the Table

When the founder first heard in his heart the mission of Kefa to “teach, proclaim and heal everyone” his heart was baffled. The thought, “What will people think?” raced through his mind. The Kefa family now dreams of miracles happening that truly amaze all human understanding in such a manner that God’s Spirit is the only Peace that surpasses their desire to understand.

Kefa’s dream is that those who once served in their garden would return and share the Love that radiates through their life with those who now eat at the Kefa table.

Thank you for supporting their “Yes” with your “Amen!”

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