“Jesus was going through all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness.”


The mission of KEFA is to teach within the local culture,  proclaim the gospel of the kingdom and heal every disease and every affliction among the people.

The dynamic of His teaching, proclaiming and healing represents actions from intimacy not toward it. The mind will attempt to follow the dynamic with linear formulas while the revelation is a gift from Love Himself. Jesus’ life was constantly from within a place of intimacy with His Father.

Exposure  to the reality of supernatural truth and power beyond an individual’s current understanding  (such as healing), may result in an immediate conviction to  seek something outside of that person’s own identity and resources to mirror such an experience.  

When humans aspire to something greater, often preparation is made to understand “what are the constants and how to influence variables in the surroundings.” Revelation that variables have been reduced in favor of the aspiration stimulates hope and encouragement. A greater assurance comes when we discover the constants from within, or that our identity is parallel to those aspirations. 

To heal is supernatural to the seen realm and leads the mind to believe such an action must take a connection to that which is supernatural.  Proclamation appears to be the result of confidence and conviction in and by the supernatural. Teaching reveals intimacy with the supernatural source. 

Jesus invites us into a supernatural intimacy. To teach, proclaim and heal is the fruit of our supernatural intimacy with Jesus made possible by His love for us. A revelation gifted to us. 


Kefa /ka-fä/: “Peter,” “rock”, or “seer stone”


In the year 2000 our founder experienced a vision in his mindseye of being handed a microphone by an African man, and helped up on a wooden planked stage that overlooked a sea of people. Soon thereafter he began to write a business plan of how to facilitate the resources of missionaries and the interest of their donors. This effort was his way to utilize his gifts to help missionaries with what they seemed to struggle with. “Kefa” was the name given to him by way of revelation. Kefa (meaning “rock”, or “seer stone”) is the original Aramaic form of the name that appears in the Greek New Testament as “Kefas” and in the English Bible as “Cephas,” or Peter.

Thirteen years later Kefa was incorporated to be a platform for teaching, proclaiming and healing and only months later the first family of Kefa left for Africa to serve as missionaries.

The Eyes of Kefa’s Heart


Love transforms the perspective of purpose

The Eternal Invitation 

Humans are loved by God and sent the One eternal invitation. 

The invitation comes with an interpreter, counselor and protector. 

We need the interpreter because the invitation is eternal. 

The counselor aligns and protects the revelation of what is interpreted. 

 God is the Spirit of Truth

Abundant Love Aligns

God is Love. He first loved us. 

When we love it reveals His love for us. 

By His Love, we are invited into eternal intimacy.

When we receive His Love, our hearts are aligned with Truth. 

Love invites the  transformation of our delight through intimacy. 

Intimacy with Love creates as He creates.  

Seeds will bear the fruit of that which they came from.

We are created by Love to create.

Creation of our desires is timeless, and is revealed through adoration. 

Adoration is a beautiful desire in our hearts.

Life and Truth are given to us. 

Abundance is the fruit of alignment with Truth.

Abundant life is the overflowing fruit of adoration taught by Truth. 

Misalignment may be revealed by fear, weariness, and heavy burdens.

Truth aligns with power, love and peace. 

Alignment has fruit we experience in the present moment. 

Abundant life is eternal now. 

This is love, that God loved us first.  

Love, Create, Live.