In May of 2019 Kefa began cultivating and taking steps to identify upcoming leaders who would benefit from having senior leaders encourage and walk alongside them in their professional and overall exploration of abundant life. This process was very revealing. The team was very excited to engage a few select entrepreneurs and adventurers to include those on the Kefa team. 

The strategy began with planning and building an initiative to activate and launch these upcoming leaders into the calling seeded deep within their hearts. The process has been implemented with a handful of individuals by cultivating, developing and connecting them to resources needed to prepare for their launch.  Some have responded differently than others, and we are learning.  Kefa would like to highlight one at this time. 

Dreamscape of the Heart is the expression of Michael’s heart to love and activate leaders around the world. He engages people through social media and a teaching platform made available through Michael is responding each day to the promises of God and his heart is to lavish others with love and create an environment to experience transformation.  His journey of creative obedience inspires others and activates them in discussions with their Creator. The Dreamscape of the Heart team is releasing video content October 2020 to invite all who love into the community of abundance.



Kefa’s directors reside in North America and have great experiences partnering with other groups and individuals creating, innovating and developing initiatives to change American lives and overall cultural transformation. This includes and is not limited to the leaders of companies in technology, leadership incubators, higher education, spiritual ministry, and of course food service.


Kefa and its directors have supported projects in Africa since 2003. Projects have included construction, healthcare, education, and impacting the individual lives of men, women, and children.


Kefa and its directors have supported projects in multiple countries in Central and South America. Some of Kefa’s first exploration in healthcare and surgical missions was accomplished in Peru & Guatemala. Currently Kefa is supporting projects and teams that are working in spiritual ministry and healthcare.


 Our team was introduced to a number of teaching, healing and ministry projects in Punjab, Nagaland and Myanmar in 2019. The invitation to love those in these regions has been such an honor. The experience has been nothing short of life changing.

Kefa’s teams are currently consulting with specific projects and supporting families and organizations making an impact there. Look for the upcoming quarterly highlights to include those from these regions.