Burning Man


Chai Lounge invites KEFA to Burning Man 

River Dream

In 2009 with a longing pain inside of me to please Him, God invited me to love others by speaking a name I had never heard “Burning Man.”  

I soon discovered this gathering of over 70k hearts seeking a spiritually transformative experience through Music, Art, Drugs, Sex and Community. My own journey has led me to deep intimacy solely with King Jesus, and I can relate clearly with the longing of these hearts. 

I live a life of community without judgment while swiftly being the opportunity to love others each day. Yes I carry the opportunity to Love within me. God has anointed me as a master of hand crafting tea and this serves as a tool to gather with people and connect. 

I have been involved in Burning Man since 2009 and served through a recently retired camp named Freedom Lounge. This year we are honored to launch Chai Tea Lounge at Burning Man in August  2022.

He was fresh off the salt flats of Nevada where he had been radically loving “the one lost sheep” in the midst of the largest pagan festival in America. I met River Dream in Santa Cruz California in August of 2019. He spoke to me with an assurance and fresh faith that confirmed exactly what God had put in my heart. 

He said “I believe God has given me insight into how to visually articulate what He put in your heart for His creation to experience.”  This was the launch to our journey together. 

His vision became very clear to me that our Father in Heaven is inviting wondrous lovers/seekers to take the Kingdom of God to the new age communities in America with His radical authority!

Why radical authority?

Because when you are willing to explore without a manual made by man, but rather with Spirit of Truth written on your heart, guiding and assuring you completely, His fire and authority arises Radically!

Is there any other way to share the Hope that burns like a furnace within each of us?

KEFA is alive with the vision to teach, proclaim and heal everyone. What an honor to be invited to walk with such a divine, meek and generous tribe of people living from within revival Himself. In late August of 2022 we will rise above ourselves again and respond by serving with this tribe in the Burning Man festival of 2022.

-Michael Mosley, Kefa Managing Director

“God’s lost sheep”

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Will you join me and our team as we prepare to explore & discover those He is calling by name?

For more information kindly express your interest by sharing your info and we will quickly respond to you. All tax deductible donations that are made to the non-profit KEFA with the designation of ChaiLoungeBM will be used for our joint vision.  Shalom

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